November 2020

Want to know what’s happening in Spain – and Andalucía – with Covid right now?

We all find ourselves in challenging and confusing times; whether you’re in Spain, the UK or elsewhere in the world. With the Covid situation evolving all the time and new regulations being introduced as things develop, it can be hard to stay on top of it all, so below we summary the main elements and current state of affairs in Spain and Andalucía for your reference. The first thing to remember is...

New regulations and Tips to Buy in Costa del Sol!

On 9th November, the Andalusian Regional Government, or Junta de Andalucía, announced a new set of regulations that entered into effect on Wednesday 11thNovember and will continue in force until analysis and revision on Monday 23rdNovember. There is chance they will be extended then, or that the restrictions will be tightened or reduced, but this will depend on how effective the measures will have been...

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